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nprimo c4894a2fbb feat(pandas): update expected outcomes for ex2 audit 3 months ago
Zouhair AMAZZAL 17fbdb5391 style: CON-2399 change project name cloudpress 4 months ago
nprimo b265d83e92 feat(training): update expected results for ex3 4 months ago
blueskiy01 aa1c381ae0 Update README.md (font spelling mistake) 4 months ago
Maxim Mikhailov 49d02bfdee
docs(SortArgs) - Fix bug in ExerciseRunner (#2138) 4 months ago
nprimo ce8a0b67a8 chore(emotion-detector): fix small grammar mistakes 4 months ago
nprimo a1aee997f9 feat(emotion-detector): refine structure of the project 4 months ago
nprimo c023864468 feat(ascii-art-output): update example command 4 months ago
nprimo 6617c1f0b5 chore(sunday-night-movie): fix format 4 months ago
blueskiy01 bb1be7e302 Title was repeated, and breaks the flow of 1st audit question 4 months ago
sagarishere 6f44fa85a7 Same Ques was repeated twice in README.md 4 months ago
Mikk Rätsep 541e287360 Flags sre most likely in wrong order for the audit file 4 months ago
ecce75 3c34dca429 Update README.md 4 months ago
FrenchFriesForBallerina 7e2c88632b corrected a typo in README.md 4 months ago
Harry ea5f96d82a chore(readme): remove trailing spaces 4 months ago
Harry c318c0677f chore(readme): format 4 months ago
Harry 5d15d8071d chore(readme): format 4 months ago
Remington S 40c62aa2fd Update README.md 4 months ago
Harry 4b58410d9e
fix(ga-misc-check-prettier): change `fetch-depth` 4 months ago
nprimo 57df165f1c feat(ascii-art-color): update expected outputs 4 months ago
nprimo e7966ae9bd feat(ascii-art-output): update audit commands to match expected output 4 months ago
Nik 324e70df28 fix formating of instructions list 4 months ago
Nik 0ef489334e fix return type of function 4 months ago
Harry 2e998ce89f
fix(ga-misc-check-prettier): explicitly define `origin/master` & bump `checkout` action 4 months ago
Roberto Catini ae3a8cec22 go-reloaded audit: quote input text in input 4 months ago
Daniyar Kuttymbek 0c8d2b0fa7 Missing package for Usage program 4 months ago
nprimo d40ec29cf3 feat(nlp-scraper): restructure subject and audit to avoid storing big files in solution 4 months ago
nprimo 700efcb57b feat(nlp-scraper): improve audit and subject 4 months ago
zanninso ab20046615
docs: fix typo RegexReplace to RegexMatch. (#2465) 4 months ago
Zouhair AMAZZAL 6ba167d6fe docs(devops) CON-2441 fix img type in docs 4 months ago
zanninso d838207849
docs: fix subject typo and change 'charts' to 'checklist' in the audit file. (#2452) 4 months ago
Zouhair AMAZZAL 4730031dd7 improve(docs) improve english in easy-cloud subject 4 months ago
Zouhair AMAZZAL 262e039738 CON-2349 feat: add new subject for devops branch easy-cloud 4 months ago
miguel 1201510d30 docs(multiplayerfps): grammar imprvements 4 months ago
miguel 757fb84547 docs(multiplayer-fps): clarify subject and add bonus question in the audit 4 months ago
miguel 311a2d50e1 fix(movie-list)broken links 4 months ago
Niccolò Primo c6d8ca334a
CON-2393 clarify output of `nlp_enriched_news.py` script (#2419) 4 months ago
nprimo 2c53ba7846 feat(code-keeper): remove use your own `cloud-design` solution from bonus 4 months ago
nprimo 8cd5c67bd6 feat(code-keeper): provide `crud-master` source code. Add bonus to use 4 months ago
nprimo 57067a8478 docs(cloud-kube): implemented suggestions to increase subject clarity 4 months ago
nprimo bcb1275241 chore: run prettier 4 months ago
nprimo 468e3a0ffe feat(cloud-kube): add specific question to test k8s cluster 4 months ago
nprimo 5db1c06f24 feat(cloud-kube): change provided solution to start project 4 months ago
nprimo cf646ff1f9 feat(cloud-kube): add more details related to k8s 4 months ago
nprimo 972367974d feat(cloud-kube): replace meme 4 months ago
nprimo 0dc1b2fd6c feat(cloud-kube): rename project 4 months ago
nprimo 3e7b2d0ea2 feat(cloud-design-k8s): better enforce the use of k8s 4 months ago
nprimo 286b7f87e1 feat(cloud-design-k8s): add new project based on cloud-design 4 months ago
nprimo bda95dbf06 refactor(nlp-scraper): refactor question 4 months ago
nprimo 6a8459a2ff feat(nlp-scraper): remove audit question not related to the project 4 months ago